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Amy Blackwell
[Owner / Personal Training Specialist]

- CanFitPro certified Personal Training Specialist
- CanFitPro certified CPR A


Hi, my name is Amy Blackwell.

My enthusiasm for health and fitness was sparked through my own journey.

It all began in late 2012, when I stepped on the scale for the first time in nearly twelve months. I quickly realized that, through poor eating habits and a lack of exercise, I had let myself become someone I did not want to be. I was a mere half a pound away from officially being classified as ‘overweight’. And, at just eighteen, I was not ready to accept the number I saw as I entered into early adulthood.

Over the course of the following year, 2013, I pushed myself through blood, sweat, tears, bruises...you name it. I managed to safely bring my weight and BMI down into the ‘healthy/normal weight’ category, all the while training by myself in my basement, using minimal equipment.

In the process, I developed a passion for health and fitness and spent the latter half of 2013 achieving my certification as a Personal Training Specialist through CanFitPro.

Today, through my consistent focus and determination, I maintain my results and continue to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Using my knowledge, and own experience, I am able to provide effective programs to clients, of any fitness level, age, or gender, to assist them as they strive toward their own health and fitness goals.

I am a strong example that, no matter what, you can achieve your goals, even on your own, when you push yourself and never give up along the way.

"CHALLENGE yourself. PUSH yourself BEYOND where you thought you could ever go. Create GOALS and STRIVE for them. OVERCOME OBSTACLES, make yourself a PROMISE and CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER."

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